Random information

Random thoughts and experiences form the past months…

  • Recruiting is the most difficult and time-consuming thing ever. It sucks. I’m currently at 20h+ to recruit and hire 1 person. I am so looking forward to doing normal consulting tasks on a project again! (no offence, dear team-mates and new hires!).
  • Texas does not require you to send back your license plates. Finally something to put on the wall of my Atlanta apartment.
  • US Banks have no interest in me, I’ve asked for mortgage information at 2 banks and they both have failed to get back to me within 2 weeks. BOOOOOO banks! BOOOO!
  • A new colleague joined us from Belgian HQ. It is funny to see them go through all the same things I had to go through, and see how they avoid my traps, and fall into new ones along the way. Moving to another country is never going to be easy!
  • The Belgian consulate general in Atlanta are very friendly people. Parking is expensive, so next time I should probably take MARTA instead of driving. Only took me 32 months to actually register with the consulate… ooops!
  • Chicago is a great city. I just wish it would not be freezing cold 9 months a year, and it would actually be a place worth living.
  • 6 months in Atlanta (wtf? already?), and I still miss Texas. I’ve had 1 hot day here this summer and the temperature was never high enough to force me into the pool. I miss texting my friends and being at the bar 30 min later. I miss Sunday Monk-day and watching the hot shows with others. people in Dallas are much friendlier and more open than here in the suburban South. Plus, Dallas only had traffic jams on special days and during rush hour. Atlanta has traffic congestion all the time. It’s like living in Brussels with closing hours for bars. I’m still happy I moved, though. I’m much more involved in company affairs and working with the team is so much better in the office, compared to working from home.
  • I should really write more, because I kind of enjoy reading my own thoughts again.

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