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Lords of Acid USA Tour 2017

15 years after getting to know the music, hanging out with several band members on countless occasions and seeing Praga Khan live dozens of times. FINALLY I got to see the Lords of Acid live.

I have to admit, I was nervous and concerned. The band is mostly new, so not really sure what to expect. On top of that, I’ve only done a handful of concerts here in the states, and the atmosphere has always been very different from what I used to know back in Belgium.

Anyhow. Concert in Atlanta at a place called the Masquerade. Though there was a shooting there a few weeks ago, it seemed like a pretty decent club that night. Bought my ticket some months early and with the concert getting closer, tried to meet up with some old friends. Turns out my old time buddy Don came over to Atlanta and had a spare VIP ticket, which I happily accepted. It was an amazing night. The concert was great, full of energy. Great band, good sound, and the best seat in the house. Meeting up with the band was awesome. Praga even recognized me when I walked in, which was cool, as it’s been a decade since we met last time.

Great evening! Thanks all involved, and looking forward to all the pics. (on Facebook, not here!)

My First Halloween

Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, is a tradition brought to the USA by Irish and Scottish immigrants. From personal experience, it seems that Halloween, for those around my age, is fairly similar to that other Irish-American holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day. You dress up (for the first time in 10 years in my case!), obviously, but other than that there seems to be a lot of alcohol involved…

It is amazing how much effort Americans spend on Halloween. All over town front yards and houses are covered in Halloween style, there is tons of candy for the children and people wear all kinds of cool or just very clever costumes. It is not just about the costume, it is also about the time and thought you put in a costume. Some costumes are pretty expensive, others really cheap. It is kinda cool to see how couples dress up to be ‘hot-dog and mustard’, for example. Lots of creativity and everything is possible.

Another great American experience to tick off my checklist :)

Independence Day

4th of July, America’s independence day.
Last week my client gave me a watermelon as a 4th of July present, and someone on Facebook suggested I’d turn it into a Vodka Water Melon, I looked it up on YouTube and other sources around the internet, and yes that seemed like a good idea and easy and fun to do. However…

To do this, first you need a watermelon (there is discussion on the internet weather this should or should not be a seedless melon, I have a seedless one), vodka, a knife and possibly a towel to clean up the mess you are going to make:
Then cut a hole in the watermelonthe size of the vodka bottle:
Put the vodka bottle upside-down into the melon and let it pour the vodka into the melon. You should see bubbles.
Now, if it does not go fast enough, you can add some ‘breathing holes’ into the melon top to make it go faster…

Problem: the above is theory and did not work with my melon. It is going sooooo slow.
I’m guessing that it was a bad idea to keep the melon refrigerated before putting the vodka in.
Anyhow, it is going a bit better after the melon being in my kitchen the whole night, but still not fast enough to actually see bubbles. I consider my experiment failed, but will sure try again at another opportunity. This baby is going to be eaten, and the vodka will be drunk from a glass.

Happy independence day America!!!