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Thirteen Reasons Why

Not sure what happened, but it used it be that series were about positive things, like poor black people from the east coast moving to their rich family up west enjoying sarcastic English butlers. Or a bunch of friends and family living in New York where the biggest worries of their lives is to hide them hooking up with each other from those friends and family members.

Today, however, we have series about Chemistry teachers diagnosed with cancer, or teenage girls killing themselves. The latter is the concept of the Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why”. I can definitely recommend it, but honestly it is hard to watch.

Sidenote… how a millenial listens to casette tapes and managers to never put it in the wrong side up, is amazing. I’m from the last generation that actually used these and I must admit I was not capable of that.

2014 is here

Happy new year!

It’s been a while since I last posted here. That’s a good sign, apparently I am too busy to think about my blog.

Christmas was great. Thank you to my American friends for inviting me! It was a blast!
New Years was awesome too, spending it with the most multicultural group of expats I could ever imagine. Almost every continent was represented (except Australia), which was kind of cool. A lot of fun, and a lasting hangover on my credit card statement :-)

I’ve been here almost a year, so start to get into the ‘normal’ routine of living. Re-signing my apartment lease, changing the cable bill (which I cancelled to the bare minimum because I have NetFlix now). It is weird, because I still feel like I am on holiday here, not really living. Sometimes I do forget I am not a local, which is a proof of assimilation… I hope. I’ve been cooking a lot at home lately. Although I enjoy cooking, I miss having my out-of-town colleagues around and hang out with them. The USA consultant life, I’m really hoping for it to happen this year!

2013 has been a really great year for me, but somehow I feel like 2014 will be even better. February is very promising with lots of parties, friends, food, travel and fun at work.
Tomorrow is the ‘Big Game’, good stories may come out of that. Then we move to St Patrick’s Day, which is kind of my personal ’1 year’ mark. I have my first out-of-Dallas assignment and going to travel to New Jersey, through Philadelphia (PA). I need to get myself some additional sweaters and a warm coat to walk around there. I get annoyed these days if temperature falls below 60F. Too much of the good stuff around here.

There is much more to tell, but not things I want to share with the internet… sorry! :-)

Winter is here!!!

Freezing temperatures for 5 days, with lows of 10 degrees F (-12 C). Brick hard ice that looks like snow, frozen trees and plants that sometimes collapse under their own weight, 300,000 people that loose power up to several days, schools closed for days, roads extremely dangerous and the airport closed.

Yes, winter has arrived in Texas. Temperatures dropped from a nice 70 F (21 C) to 30 F (-1 C) within 10 hours and the city has completely shut down. As an outsider, I thought I know better and people overreacted. And in fact, the last 3 ‘ice days’ I have experienced here in Texas the past year really was funny to see how everyone stressed out for, well…., nothing. So, I kind of expected the same thing this time; and boy was I wrong!

It is impossible to understand what a frozen tree looks like, if you have never seen one before. It’s like walking in a fairy-tale world (a really cold one!). I worked from home on Friday and then in the evening went to the bar across the street. One of my Belgian friends living here in Dallas, lost power due to the cold and joined us at bar where we took the seats next to the fireplace. There were 5 other people (including the waitress) in the bar. I decided to stay warm inside for the rest of the weekend and signed up for Netflix, watched 3 seasons of the Walking Dead and forgot all about the cold mess outside.

It is a very weird feeling, nothing you expect moving to Texas. Alaska, yes, you would expect crazy weather, but Texas? It is a humbling feeling to see the power of mother earth and the speed things can change.

Stay safe, stay warm and may the heat come soon!