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Moving to Atlanta

It’s time to move. I’m getting closer to my team and move to the Atlanta, GA region. Over two years ago, that was the original plan, but I ended up making a detour to Dallas, TX. I’ll be back Texas!

Prices are high, quality is low, traffic is crazy, winters are cold, crime is everywhere and the office is in the suburbs where a pub has not been invented yet. It is only after spending 3 weekends visiting over 20 leasing offices in the Atlanta region, that I realize what a great place I currently have in Dallas. I’m sure I will like Atlanta as well, but it requires a mindset change. I’m getting there, but not there quite yet.

Interesting things I noted… Leasing offices are a LOT nicer and honest when a “couple” is looking for an apartment. When one of my (female) coworkers joined my apartment hunt, there was an actual change I noted on the leasing office side. Very weird, but it opens the door for some social experiments that I would love to conduct (would we get the same prices, rooms,…?), but I’ll leave that to people with even more time on their hands.
Second weird thing is that all “luxury” apartment complexes in Atlanta have washer and dryers in the apartment. Some of then actually refuse to take them out, which means I would have to sell mine. Now I find this really weird, but I would be able to get over it should they actually put nice stuff in the apartments. But they do not. I will never accept a top-load washer to be categorized as “luxury”, no matter how expensive that thing is. They are NOT as hygienic as the front load washers and I do not understand why anyone would ever buy one of those, other than to save money. Having furniture and equipment adds an additional dimension into moving, that I never considered before: You need to find a new place that fits your furniture. Last time I moved to Dallas, this was not an issue as I moved with 2 suitcases. Any apartment could fit that.┬áMy colleagues are already making fun of me for having so much trouble finding a place I like. They say “I’m difficult and picky”, well that does define me… kinda. Choosing a place to live is an important decision, not to be taking lightly. I do not make big decisions lightly.

Moving cross states is insanely expensive. The last quote I got was $ 6,000. That makes no sense as I would be better off selling all my stuff and buying it new in Georgia (that would solve my washer/dryer problem too). Not sure how that will turn out… I should probably sign a lease first and get that part over with :-)