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4th of July – Trip to Denver Colorado / Rocky Mountains

Ever since I moved to the USA, I have promised my friend and former colleague (now customer) Dexter (not real name) to visit him in Colorado. Living in Denver, I refer to him as “the mountain man”, which -so I learned- is not 100% correct.

Denver is an interesting city. Being at the altitude it is, it makes you breath differently. I thought I was just going to make a fool out of myself just asking the question, but turns out I was not going crazy; Denver does make you breath differently.

We visited the arts festival, lots of weird and/or creepy things. Was very nice, and makes me want to visit more of these things here in Atlanta area (my walls are still very blank). July 4th weekend, decided to go and search for “South Park” Colorado.


I’m a huge fan of the show, and discovered that South Park is not a real city, it is a region of plains within the mountains. Funny how we could see the snow on the mountains, even in summer, just like in the show.




IMG_0297We hiked the “Colorado trail” to a point higher than any mountain in Europe. (See picture above). And found several Colorado state flowers still in bloom (which apparently surprised my guides). Very pretty and a great way to celebrate the 4th of July.

We ended my short trip to Colorado with a visit to the Colorado history museum. Learned there is still one tribe of Indians, we learned that Colorado once closed its border from the other US states (exactly what happens in Europe now), we learned that the Americans once migrated and overtook the Mexicans, we learned about the deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II. We learned a lot about today, by reading about history of Colorado. At times, scaryly accurate to today. And, last but not least, we learned that Casa Bonita (from the South Park episode) is a real place.

Thank you for a great experience!


Belgian National Holiday

July 21st is Belgiums national holiday. We do not celebrate our independence, we celebrate King Leopold I to take the throne as first king of Belgium on July 21st, 1831. Yes, indeed. While Belgian soil has over two thousand years of (kinda) known history, Belgium itself is in fact younger than the USA!

Today is a historic day in Belgian history, as Albert II, king of Belgians, is stepping down in favor of his son Phillipe I. ‘Bertje’ is the first Belgian king to step down voluntary; his father Leopold III had to step down after the second world war for liking the Nazi’s a bit too much… or getting married to a lower class girl. Who the hell cares anyway? It’s frkin’ Belgium…

I do want to share this nice song with you all:
The Belgian Song – by Mister John


For the Belgians in or around Dallas, there is apparently a Belgian meetup today in the Old Monk. See you there around 6-7pm.

Independence Day

4th of July, America’s independence day.
Last week my client gave me a watermelon as a 4th of July present, and someone on Facebook suggested I’d turn it into a Vodka Water Melon, I looked it up on YouTube and other sources around the internet, and yes that seemed like a good idea and easy and fun to do. However…

To do this, first you need a watermelon (there is discussion on the internet weather this should or should not be a seedless melon, I have a seedless one), vodka, a knife and possibly a towel to clean up the mess you are going to make:
Then cut a hole in the watermelonthe size of the vodka bottle:
Put the vodka bottle upside-down into the melon and let it pour the vodka into the melon. You should see bubbles.
Now, if it does not go fast enough, you can add some ‘breathing holes’ into the melon top to make it go faster…

Problem: the above is theory and did not work with my melon. It is going sooooo slow.
I’m guessing that it was a bad idea to keep the melon refrigerated before putting the vodka in.
Anyhow, it is going a bit better after the melon being in my kitchen the whole night, but still not fast enough to actually see bubbles. I consider my experiment failed, but will sure try again at another opportunity. This baby is going to be eaten, and the vodka will be drunk from a glass.

Happy independence day America!!!