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Elections 2016

Finally, it is over! After 18 months of primaries, attack ad’s and incorrect polls, America has elected a new president. Donald Trump will be the new president, to everyone’s surprise. Well, not everyone. Michael Moore predicted this, several months ago. (And to my credit, so did I. Ask anyone who wanted to hear it the past year).

Before getting into the details and results, let’s all take a moment and acknowledge how awesome it is to live in the country that invented modern Democracy. 240 years later, American democracy still stands. Sure it has its problems and challenges, but it works. There has not been large scale rigging of elections as some have predicted, there has not been foreign nations hacking the process as some feared (“The country’s outdated, offline voting machines could actually save the election from cyber attacks, say experts at a Congressional hearing.”).

Anyhow, the people have spoken and they clearly want change. There are many reports that claim the same people that wanted change in 2008 by voting Obama, voted for Trump this time. For some weird reason, the media does not quite understand that logic. It’s really not that difficult to understand. People all over the world are fed up with politicians only working for themselves, so they will vote for anyone who is not deemed a ‘typical’ politician. In 2008 this was Obama, In 2016 it is Trump. The ‘Rust Belt’ states are in constant state of decline economically and people are scared. There is nothing more to it. This was not a vote against Clinton (she actually won the popular vote), but a vote against politics. Exactly the same as what happened in Greece, the Brexit vote, The Philippines, and what is likely to happen in the Netherlands and France in the next year as well. Politics is a slow changing system, but eventually they will change. Like it or not.

That brings us to Trump. There is some very interesting things going on with Trump. First of all, he is now the leader of the Republican Party but he’s not really a republican (he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 when running against Obama).  He has never ran for any political office, so literally has no clue what is going to happen. In fact, he is the very first President ever to never hold a political or high military seat. There were times where you had to win a war for independence, or defeat the Nazi’s to become president. Today, you need to win Twitter.
Second, he has claimed the past year that things are wrong in Washington, and he wants to clean it up (the same message Senator Sanders was spreading during his primary campaign), much to the dislike of the establishment (at both parties).
Third, for the first time in over 200 years, a European will live in the White House. Melania Trump is only the second non native born american to live in the White House. How can that not be exciting, just to think about!

So what is going to happen? Nobody knows. But I wish I was there. I’m actually very excited about this. I did not really feel anything for one candidate or the other, and as a work-visa immigrant I cannot vote, so did not really bother to care too much… And while some of the cabinet shortlist picks are extremely scary (Ben Carson on education and Sarah Palin as Interior Secretary; are you fucking kidding me?), overall this is very exciting to me. Why? I do not know. But roughing up the establishment from the inside, has always been an appealing concept to me. Now what would I do if I were Trump, and it is my first day in office? You’ve got a party that does not really want you there (Republicans), and another party that really does not want you there (Democrats). If Trump wants to succeed he will need to give Republicans what they want, but if he goes to far, they will just walk over him. Democrats will probably go against him in all fury, but he will probably need their support to get some of his less conservative proposals through. How can president Trump appeal to (part of) Democrats, and keep Republicans in check? It is up to him and his staff, but my suggestion is to ask Bernie Sanders to head a commission to clean up Washington politics. This was a topic for both of their campaigns, and I cannot see why Sanders would not accept this, if he believed Trump was serious on it. Trump has run his campaign as a bulldozer, I believe the only way for his administration to succeed is to keep acting as a bulldozer on some key topics. Keep everyone in check, while doing good for the American people. Internationally, renewed relations with Russia will probably help end the war in Syria. It will be very interesting to see if the Trump administration will support NATO ally Turkey, or rather the Kurdish forces who’ve been doing all the dirty work. In the end, all will be fine. Personally, I still have a backup country or 28 (27?) to go back to, should the USA turn into the same hellhole as the capital of my country.