I know I write a lot about credit cards in this blog… It is one of those things that keeps surprising me… apologies for bringing this up again!

I’ve been travelling so much for work (and holidays) the past months, that I have come into issues with my credit card limits. Staying in hotels, rental cars, airfares, restaurants,… it adds up. My employer is really good at reimbursing expenses; I’m usually the one who takes too much time to expense all my notes in time. Anyhow, I’ve never really had issues paying off my credit card balance. Just like back in Belgium, I use my credit cards as an extension of my checking account, rather than as a loan. Since I’m using a very high percentage of my credit card limits, constantly (20%-80%), this has a negative impact on my credit history. So I thought, lets give the bank a call and let them raise my limits. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? After all, I do have 100% on-time payments.

Oh boy. I almost forget what I joke this is. Somehow they always make you feel like a criminal when you apply for a card, or raise of limit as was the case now. It’s just the way they talk. I explained the situation, but that of course did not matter. Answered some questions and the computer came back with a slight raise in limit (less than 20% of what I asked for). Whatever.

So now this is finished, the bank tries to sell me all kinds of other stuff. Apparently the ‘personal loan’ is an all-time favorite. “You can get really low rates”. I tried to be nice and explain to the lady at the other end of the phone, that I do not need a loan, I need limit to pay for travel costs. I have the money, I need a way to spend it. She did no sound like she understood what I meant.

A little ‘fait diverse’, without much consequences. I just thought that I had crossed the magical ‘Credit History’ line and I would just be able to get what I asked for (especially, since I do not feel like I’m asking for something I could not afford). I keep forgetting, the system does not care about what I can afford, it cares about what I used to pay off. But in a country where even the President’s credit card gets refused, what did I expect? :)


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