In February 2012 I started a bold and exiting adventure: applying for an US non-immigrant visa to work and live in the USA for a limited time. Almost a year later most issues were resolved and I was ready to move from my home town in Belgium to Dallas, TX. The effective move was February 2013. Exactly 2 years later I am looking for a new place to live in Atlanta, GA. My 2 year project in Dallas ended and some company changes require me to be more with my team in Alpharetta, GA. Move is scheduled for March/April 2015.

I want to use this blog to share my thoughts on immigration to the USA in general, the US news headlines as seen from a non-US point of view, Belgian news headlines seen from a foreign point of view and other matters that might seem interesting or simply funny to read, write and debate.

I hope you like what I write, or at least find it interesting and/or amusing to read. Feel free to comment or start a discussion (you will need to register to do this in order to avoid spamming) by replying on my posts. Or comment to this text if you have an idea for me to discuss.

Have a good read!

February 24th 2015.

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